The Sound'ailleurs story goes like this. Elodie was doing an interview with famous Scottish rock band Franz Ferdinand, they asked her to contact an old voodoo funk group she had just met in Benin-West Africa while producing her radio show. European stars admired Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou , a veteran group who had played with Fela Kuti, the great architect of Afrobeat,  but never had a chance to travel out of Africa. Through Elodie's efforts – including few voodoo needles – the young savvy pop stars were finally able to record alongside their legendary african elders in a vintage analog studio in Paris.  

Translated from French, "Sound'ailleurs" litterally means "sounds form other worlds" or "they are from elsewhere".

With a vision of adventure and enthusiasm, Sound'ailleurs's mission is to connect the dots in the constellation of great music around the world, stimulating cross-pollination or simply supporting great but chronically overlooked music.

Sound'ailleurs is licensed by Universal Jazz and Strut/K7.